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I’m DJ Kika

Costa Rica Wedding DJ

DJ Kika

I have been passionate about music since I was a kid. I was born in New Orleans and raised on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica from age 10.
As a result, I understand music scenes from varying places.

I have played music for weddings – mainly destination weddings – for the past 14 years. In addition, I am the official DJ here for the US embassy and have been doing the US Marines Ball for five years.

Years ago, I worked at a radio station as a talk host and a programmer; I was also in charge of doing the playlists. Then I transitioned to weddings because I found my true talent in doing special playlists for weddings.

When I DJ for weddings, I play all sorts of music for different age groups celebrating something special, which I love. Whether the ceremony, cocktail, dinner, or dance, every part of these events is a lot of fun for me to play.

I play everything from Hip hop to jazz, pop, classic, top ’40s, lounge, soul, r&b, chill out, Latin, classic, rock, 80’s, etc. But, really, anything that the client asks for – if they have their own playlist, then I’m happy to work with that.

Before the event, I’ll send you a music form. On it, you can list the memorable songs you may want to provide (or request) and your preference for specific genres or particular artists.

Still, as I mentioned, if you already have a playlist you’d like to use, you can send that over; as long as I have all special song requests a week before the wedding, we are all good!

I am great at reading the guests and feeling the vibes of when to play certain songs, connecting the dots, improvising in the moment with recommendations on the night of the event, and taking last-minute requests.

I have all the equipment, meaning speakers, mics, cables, tripods, mixer, two computers, DJ table, and led lights to give a more ambient feel to the night. These lights can be set to one tone or be rotated to different colors.



My best friend DJ Silvia Santos, my husband Alonso (dj Alo) and I have been working together for the past decade. We collaborate in the planning and designing of each custom playlist for every wedding or private event to determine which of us will be the best DJ for your special day.  Likewise, in the event of extenuating circumstances, there is always a backup. In our hands, you know that no matter what, the music will go on. 

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